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Many local and sate associations that have Strategic Plans never use them once they are done since volunteers often have difficulty transforming the abstract goals into action items.

Adorna Carroll has the ability to work with association leaders so that the goals and objectives created by the group become more concrete.  She can help the group translate those goals and objectives into an implementation plan for committees.  This helps an association progress from a 'bunch of great ideas' to measurable action items with results.  This creates a culture where the group identifies the general direction of the organization and then delegates the objectives to the committees for completion, resulting in forward momentum and a blueprint for success.

Each successive review of the organization's accomplishments creates a foundation for building rather than starting over each year with a new plan.

Once those goals are established and ratified, objectives are identified and delivered to the various committees for action to be completed within a specific time frame. This format keeps the committees of the organization on track and focused on activities that coincide with the strategic and long-range goals of the organization so that, as a group, everyone moves in a forward direction toward the same horizon.

Lively action-packed program facilitated with humor and real-world attitude! References available upon request from state and local associations that have experienced this method of facilitation.

Step 1: Business Planning - Goals and Objectives identified for 1-3 years 
This is the first step to creating a new culture. Mission and Vision statements are only reviewed not re-done. This timeline creates momentum and is tangible for volunteers to brainstorm and delegate. Committee activity is review for measurable results and the process is best repeated for a couple of times to get the ball rolling without micromanagement of the committee activities.

Step 2: Strategic Planning - Visioning and Goal-Setting identified for 3-5+ years 
Once the culture has been created, the Strategic Thinking Group can brainstorm out of the box and look beyond the horizon line for the association. The culture shift allows for global direction setting so that the rest of the team can continue formulating objectives that coincide with the long-range and strategic direction of the association. Mission and Vision statements stated and only discussed if they are not consistent with the overall direction.


  • 1 or 1-1/2 day programs
  • Each of these programs can be combined with Leadership Training if desired.
  • Fee for facilitation is uniquely assessed and quoted with Association budgets in mind.


Presidents, President Elects, AEs, Leadership Teams and members of the BOD periodically experience difficulty in working together. Sometimes, the individual egos and personalities can interfere with the forward progression of the association. Other times, the communication and decision styles of leaders are so different that finding common ground becomes difficult. The last person that should attempt to resolve the situation is the person that could end up losing their job over it - the Association Executive.

Whatever the issues are, it may be worthwhile hiring a consultant who truly understands the issues and personalities to re-focus the 'leaders' to set the personal agendas aside. The objective is to help everyone understand the benefits of re-grouping and moving beyond the current scenario.

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Tips & Tools to Fill the Classroom! 

Target audience:     Association Execs, Education Directors and Committees

Featured Speaker:  Adorna Carroll

Whether the economic enviroment is challenged or fluid - adult leaners have difficulty comprehending the actual value of investing in educational courses or the tangible return on their investment. Formulating a successful and financially lucrative non-dues revenue stream requires creativity, a true understanding of the generational styles of the adult learner and a business plan 

Dealing with Difficult People 

Target audience: Association Executives

Featured Speaker: Adorna Carroll

AE Seminar that explains how to interface with members and stafft. This seminar provides insight into why certain framework needs to exist and be implemented; why leadership needs to be trained; why a strategic or business plan is necessary; why some people are difficult; how to recognize the personality types of diffucult people; the correlation between learning types and job skills; positive steps to manage/lead difficult people; process to overcome problems and neutralize issues

Generational Impact on Member Communication & Involvement 

Target audience: AEs & Ed Directors
Featured Speaker: Adorna Carroll

This is the first time that 4 differenct generations are actively involved in business. Member communication and involvement is NOT "one size fits all"! Each generation has specific characteristics that will either embrace your message or ignore it depending on the vehicle that you are using. Learn the effective ways to reach your members and engage them in your activities, programs, products and services.

Building Blocks of Organizational Business Planning 

Target audience: Association Executives
Featured Speaker: Adorna Carroll
Seminar outlining the need and process of providing a framework for associaiton activities so that the group stays focused and on track!

Effective Meeting Management

Target audience: Association Executives and/or members
Featured Speaker: Adorna Carroll

Seminar outlining the need and process of running a meeting, how motions are laid ont the table and debated; how minutes are taken and providing targeted perspectives of the leadership team, committee, legal and financial before debating the issue.  Organized and methodical approach so business gets done completely and efficiently.

Keep Your Retirement Planned - Not Forced - Adorna Carroll

Program that helps Association Executives understand the mind-set of some of the members who sit on the board of directors and/or work on committees to help them understand that as economic times shift, so do loyalties.  This is a candid insight into what happens when business is less than stellar, money is tight and staff is forturnate to receive a regular paycheck and heaven forbid, benefits. 


Wouldn't it be great to have an internationally recognized leadership trainer in a box?

How We Do It:
Live Virtual Training Class

What You Get:
A great trainer with a proven track record without the expense of travel and lodging.

It will depend on program length and how many sessions you buy.  Packages available for multiple sessions.  Book an entire year and save even more!

Topics Include:

  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Anti-Trust
  • Meetings & Agendas
  • Meetings & Minutes
  • How Committee Actions Get Implemented
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Each Position
  • Getting Members Involved
  • Importance of Investing in RPAC
  • RPAC Fundraising Training
  • Committee Meetings


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Need some expertise?  We provide consulting services to help your organization with:


  • Staffing
  • Structure Audit
  • Reorganization
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Consolidations

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Need help with your human resource management and assessment?  We can provide effective solutions for assessing and evaluating your senior staff and the CEO/AE. 

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